“I couldn’t go to Dilley, but I could give so someone else could go. And I could give so someone else could fight this moral fight. And I could give so someone could get released by donating to the bond fund.” – CARA supporter

You can donate to support the volunteers at the CARA Pro Bono Project through at any of these links.

American Immigration Council

Contribute through the American Immigration Council’s portal. The Council provides general funding support for CARA, federal court litigation aimed at ending family detention, advocacy and community education about family detention, and pro bono assistance for individuals on the ground. You can earmark donations to support finding housing for volunteers.

Donate to the Council


Contribute to RAICES to provide general support for CARA and the volunteers at the Karnes Pro Bono Project. You can contribute to the RAICES Family Detention Bond Fund to help families detained at Karnes and Dilley.

Donate to Raices


Contribute to CLINIC to provide general support for CARA including training resources and supporting the lead attorney role in Dilley.

Donate to CLINIC

Innovation Law Lab

Contribute to the Innovation Law Lab to provide support for the technology platforms connecting the volunteers, the technology helpdesk, or the Applied Scholars program that provides stipends for on-the-ground volunteers. Volunteers can apply to join a legal brigade and, if accepted, may be eligible for travel stipends and additional, specialized asylum and credible fear training.

Donate to the Innovation Law Lab

Dilley Supply Brigade

For those that want to help with a gift, please consider purchasing a few supplies, equipment, food, children’s books/items, personal items, and other supplies that are needed by the project.  The “Gift Registry” is on Amazon, and it is very simple to use.   Anyone can easily select item(s) already on the list, directly purchase, and have them sent by Amazon directly to the staff in Dilley, Texas. The list has been updated and there are approximately 80+ items on the current list ranging from less than $10.00 to just under $100.00.

Donate a gift for the Supply Brigade